Updated: Oct 19, 2021

First let me start by giving the definition of Brave. Brave is defined as "ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage". Another definition of Brave is "possessing or exhibiting courage, to courageous endurance".

When thinking of a title for my website It IS Well came first, and as I continued to think Be Brave came to mind. I began to think of the attributes that make a person brave, and knew that I was on the right path to naming my website. First of all it takes a brave person to say It IS Well when the situation says something totally different. Second I knew that from that moment on I could call myself brave because of my decision to persevere. Just like I can call myself brave, you can as well.

Like I stated before I started to think of the attributes that make someone brave, and I then applied that to my life, and what I was going through. For me being brave is deciding to face those things, feelings, people, or situations that try to tear you down, or hold you back. It takes a special kind of person for this, and I know that YOU are that person! You have to get so bold within yourself, and let the bravery rise up in you so that you believe without a doubt that you can face those things and come out on top! I had to make up my mind that I CAN HANDLE THIS! God has put everything on the inside of me that I need in order to overcome every situation, circumstance, and condition. I've got this! The only way to overcome this discomfort and pain is to make up my mind that I can and I will deal with this. My bravery will not be hidden any longer, it will come out and make ways for me to be a conqueror.

We have an adversary, who is the devil, and he wants those situations, people, and feelings to get us down, and keep us down. He knows that if he can bring things our way and they bother us even a little, then he can continue to bring those things our way and cause us to withdraw from what God really wants us to do. That is why we have to say you know what, this is enough, I'm not going to sulk and give in to these problems that are coming my way. I'm going to rise up, and do what I know to do! I'm going to be brave! I'm going to fight for myself, my wellbeing, my piece of mind and my faith! I'm not going to allow my situation to dictate how I feel anymore! My feelings will be based on the Goodness of Jesus Christ and all that He's done for me. How dare I let things that the devil tries to bring my way stop me from fulling my call and purpose that God has placed on my life. Not saying that I haven't let the devil stop me before, because I have, but from this point on I REFUSE to let it be that way ever again! Why you may ask? Because I'm filled with Boldness and Bravery, and with those two things along with the Word of God and my faith, I CANNOT be stopped! As Loki would say "I am burdened with Glorious Purpose"!!!

You have bravery and boldness on the inside of you as well. Just remember that you have to decided for yourself that YOU will use what God has placed on the inside of you, instead of letting outside factors dictate who and what you are.

It IS Well so Be Brave


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