Break Up Never to Make Up

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Let's get straight to the point, some things you need to break up with, and never make up with it again. There are situations, circumstances, feelings, and people in our lives that we go through cycles with. Time after time we get tired of it, decide we want better, break up, but then shortly thereafter we are back in the same situation with the same feelings, doing the same thing, hoping for something different. We know that isn't how it works right? We can't continue to do the same thing over and over and expect different results, this is called insanity. Now I might be a little different, but insane is not part of who I am. Therefore I need to evaluate my life, and what I am striving for, then determine what is holding me back and break up with it! I am tired of going around the same mountain, feeling the same feelings, doing the same simple things. I don't know about you, but I want better! I've made up my mind to Break Up Never to Make Up with certain things again.

First I am breaking up with self doubt. I am valuable, to everyone I come into contact with. I will not let others make me think less of myself. I will believe in myself and know that there are many amazing qualities that I bring to the table.

Next I am breaking up with discouragement. As a person of faith I am not moved by what I see, I am moved by what I believe. I believe that what is meant for me, will be mine. No matter what it looks like, what people say, who believes, and who doesn't, none of that matters all because I believe in me.

Third I'm breaking up with pleasing people. Sometimes we like to do things to please others, and this is not the way it should be. I used to think oh maybe if I did this, that and the other, then I would get noticed or he would see that I'm worth it, I'm worth being with, and that I have things going on. AH NO! I am worth it, and shorty does have things going on! My validation doesn't come from a man or anyone else for that matter. Please know that everyone can't handle you, or the personality that you possess, or even the standards you live by and this, my sweet darling, is definitely okay. The only person that you really need to please is yourself, and of course God. You have to work towards your goals for yourself, be who you are supposed to be for yourself, increase your cash flow and build wealth for yourself, buy things for yourself, wear things for yourself, and do things for yourself. You are worth it!!

Fourth you have to break up with those people who say they are for you, but their actions show you different.

You know the ones who "Smile in your face, All the time they want to take your place. The back stabbers."

Yeah, stay away from them. Break up with them. Some people are only close to you because they want to see you fail, and those are the kind of people that you don't need in your life. Their mouth says they are your friend, they've got your back and everything else, but their actions are showing you something different. As I become older, I have started to look more at peoples actions, rather than what their mouth says. You can say with your mouth that you love me, but if your actions don't show love, I don't believe you. Look at peoples actions rather than their words. You will begin to see who is really on your side.

Some things you might need break up with:

  • Disappointment

  • Anger

  • Rejection

  • The past

  • Negative views

  • Negative thoughts

  • Words that others have spoken to you

  • Adultery

  • Unbelief

  • Loneliness

  • Sadness

  • Un-forgiveness

  • Hatred

  • Bitterness

  • Low Self Esteem

  • Insecurity

  • Procrastination

  • Generational Curses

  • Debt

  • Low Standards/Expectations

  • Deceit

  • Betrayal

  • Cheating

  • Jealously

  • Manipulation

  • Selfishness

And the list goes on and on, only you know what you deal with. You have to make up in your mind right now that you are not going to continue dealing with the same. It might be hard to admit it to yourself, but it needs to happen. It is the only way that real change will take place in your life. It doesn't matter who you are, where you are, or how old you are. If you want better you have to do better, and doing better in this instance means breaking up with the old, and preparing for the new.

Decide today that you are Breaking Up Never to Make Up with the issues that bring you down. Believe that you deserve better, and DO better for yourself. I am, can I count on you to join me?

It IS Well so Be Brave


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