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Suffering: The state of undergoing pain, distress, or hardship.

Really..who likes to suffer? No one, yet it seems to be a main part of most peoples lives. Whether it’s mental, relational, emotional, financial, physical or whatever the case may be; we experience suffering in different areas of our lives. Sometimes it may be more than one area at a time. How do we handle this suffering? How are we supposed to push past and overcome? How can we go from suffering to healing and restoration? How, How, How?

The bible says in Romans 8:18 “For this present suffering is nothing to be compared to the glory that is going to be revealed in this place.” No where in the Bible did it say that we wouldn’t experience suffering. Everyone experiences suffering. From God, to Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Think about the suffering that the trinity endured in order to get us to where we are today, and where they eventually want us to be. The suffering was brutal, something that we wouldn’t be able to handle if it were to happen directly to us. Yet they endured, the Glory from it, is and will always be unmatched.

Think about your own suffering right now, what is that one thing that seems to get you, more than all the others? What area are you experiencing suffering in right now? Do you want to be free from this suffering?

We can say that we want to be free and healed, yet our actions don’t line up. Maybe we like the attention of the suffering, we like having something to talk about with someone. Healing cannot come to a person who wants to stay sick.

So, you do want to be free from the suffering…what are you focusing on? The suffering or the glory?

There are sayings such as “what you focus on, you get more of” and “Energy flows where attention goes.” Taking your attention off of the suffering, doesn’t diminish it. It empowers you! It’s all about what you’re focusing on…


Do you even know what the glory is or could be? Ask God, what glory is going to come from this?

Could it be that through all of this, you are going to come out stronger? Better than before?

What is the glory that is going to be revealed? The glory is: the magnificence or great beauty?

Is it:

An opportunity like non other?












A baby

A family

Satisfaction with self

A husband/wife

A job


Self confidence




Your deepest hearts desire…that thing that only you know.

The suffering is preparation for the promise…It makes it all worth it…

You will appreciate the glory more, after you have gone through the suffering. I can make a promise that you won’t take it for granted..why? Because you endured what you thought would break you. You came out on top and received what you had been hoping for and long fo.

The suffering makes you appreciate the glory.

How do we focus on the glory when the suffering is so apparent and all up in our face and space?

by SPF’N


Think about SPF in sunscreen. It can range from 5-100 (if you’re applying SPF of why are you out in the sun anyway? seriously!). You choose the right amount for you depending on your skin type and how long you are going to be in the sun, and what results you want . Whether you want minimum protection or maximum…Or no sunscreen at all and there is the possibility for sunburn. However the SPF I’m referring to is that of Scripture. Prayer. Fasting. Like sunscreen, you choose the amount that you are going to do for each and how long you are willing to keep at it, to achieve the desired results you want….

What is your SPF going to be? It all comes down to the result that you want to be manifested, as your glory, and the amount of work you’re willing to put in. No effort, Minimum effort , or Maximum effort?

Scripture: Find scriptures that pertain to your suffering and the glory. Write them. Record them. Memorize them. Post them in your house, in your car, somewhere…anywhere. Let them get into your subconscious.

Prayer: Use the scriptures in your prayers “God you said that your word is exalted above your name and that it doesn’t return to you void, but it accomplishes all that you set it out to do (see Psalm 138:2, Isaiah 55:11) and God your word say…..concerning my suffering and….concerning the glory.

Fasting: Matthew 17:21 “But this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.” Sometimes you have to give something up, in order to receive what you really want.

How bad do you want to be done with this suffering and experience the glory?

Make up your mind and apply SPF!

God if my situation doesn’t change, change me in my situation.

~Siegel Shapiro

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