Updated: Oct 19, 2021

We always hear that God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called. It seems to have become cliche but it still holds true.

He didn’t call you because you were so good at that, He called you because you weren’t; so that you could make his name great.

Recently some flaws of mine had been pointed out to me, by someone that I cared for and valued their opinion. At first I let it go without thought. Then as time passed it came back to my mind, and I was seriously hurt. Thinking “I shared intimate details with you, believing that you wouldn’t judge me, but accept me. Now I see that sharing that information with you has made you see me in a different light. You were never going to choose or accept me fully, because of these flaws.”

In my private time with God, He began to minister to me, as He always does.

That which one person sees as flaws, He sees as a ground of cultivation. A place of making, molding, and shaping. He sees it as tools to use to help others in this walk. He see it as part of my assignment.

For example: For the specific tasks ahead of me in this moment

He didn’t call me because I'm super independent.

He didn’t call me because I'm highly motivated.

He didn’t call me because I’m tough as nails.

He didn’t call me because I’m in a relationship.

He didn’t call me because I have my life planned out and together at the age of 28.

He didn’t call me because I’m confident in my abilities.

He didn’t call me because I’m perfect.

He called me because I’m interdependent.

He called me because I lack motivation at times, Yet I push through.

He called me because I walk in my emotions at times. Yet I overcome.

He called me because I’m single (and ready to mingle lol jk). Yet for only a season.

He called me because I’m willing to be led by him concerning my life at the age of 28.

He called me because I’m confident in Him.

He called me because He’s perfect.

After God spoke to me, I was like how dare I feel bad for myself? The things that others see as flaws, are a part of the assignment for ME. You can like it, love it, lump it, I don’t care. I refuse to see them as short comings.

I had to sit up straight and stick my chest out. Saying “Forget about Siegel, this is about the God I serve and what He is going to do through me because I trust in Him.” You have to be the same way.

With that being said, I have been called to reach a certain group of people. I can only reach them using my personality, my story, my testimony, my struggles, my successes, my flaws, my my my….

Same for you. God has called you to reach a certain group of people. Don’t you dare diminish what you have to offer because someone doesn’t see the value that it can have in their situation. It just means that at this point and time, its not for them.

God didn’t call you because you had it all together…He called you because you didn’t. He knew that you would be a representative of grace, to others, of what God can do with a person who isn’t perfect. Someone who others see as lacking, but He sees as attaining and possessing all. Not by our own power and might, but by Him. Without God, I am my flaws and so much more.

Each day I overcome because my focus isn’t on my flaws, but on the one who seriously had no flaws, Jesus. As long as I focus on Him, I am an overcomer.

What are those areas that you see as flaws? Those areas that others see as flaws?

How can you change your mindset to see them as positive rather than negative?

For me its as simple as "O

kay they can see this as a flaw, BUT God can STILL use ME!" So really, who is losing? Not ME, and not YOU!

You’ve got this!

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